Free Printable Friday – Daily Agenda

It’s the second week of Free Printable Friday.  Today, I’m offering a printable Daily Agenda for your Classic Happy Planner.

Free Printable Friday Daily Agenda. For those days when there just isn't enough room in a planner for the day's activities.

You Guys!! We are almost 2 weeks into 2017 already!  If I squint my eyes, I can still see my Christmas tree sitting in the corner of my living room! Actually, as I write this, I am watching the news talk about the epic abominable ice storm that’s supposed to blow in this weekend.  They are calling for up to an inch of ice.  I’m perfectly content to stay home, and enjoy Netflix and wine.

Free Printable Friday – Daily Agenda

Do you ever have days that are just kind of busy, and your To Do list has more details than will fit in your planner?  Or how about days where you need space to write some notes about what’s going on?  There really isn’t room in any planner for a lot of notes about the day.

That’s why I made this Daily Agenda.

The top starts with “Today is__________________________”.  Maybe you want to fill in the date, or maybe just the day of the week.  Or maybe you’re like me and sometimes you write in some descriptive word.. like Today is Bullshit.  However you want to describe your day.

Then there is a box where you can decide what the day’s focus will be.  I left this box empty so that you could decide what your focus would look like.  There is room for washi tape, or stickers, or even room to draw a picture or doodle something.

The left side of the agenda is lined for an ordered list.  Each line has a check circle on it so that you can check off things as you complete them.  I like to put on there “Got Zoe out the door to school alive” so I can always start my day on a positive note.  You could also write on there “Drank the coffee” and your next line could say “Did the things”.

The right side of the agenda has three empty boxes to be used however you want.  Again, there is room for washi tape and stickers.  You could choose to make them morning, afternoon and evening boxes, or breakfast, lunch and dinner boxes.  Some days I make mine Sam, Zoe and me boxes and make notes of things I need Sam and Zoe to do in their respective boxes.

Across the bottom is a full width empty box.  You can put habit trackers in there, or notes about things that need to be done the next day, or later in the week.  Maybe you could give yourself a gold star for surviving the day.  The possibilities are endless. and 100% up to you.

As always, this prints on a full 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  To size it to fit in your planner, print it at 84%.  My printables, unfortunately do not shrink to mini planner size successfully.

If you’d like this daily agenda for your planner, you can download the PDF file HERE

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