How to Become A More Organized Person

Organized people have their life together, don’t they?  Or at least they appear to.  Maybe not their entire life, but a good portion of it.  Organization helps.  Here are some things you can do to be a more organized person. 

I never considered myself an organized person.  Lazy, maybe, but organized?  Not me.  Except if you ask Sam, or even my parents, they will tell you I’m organized almost to the point of OCD.  The truth is, if I can find a way to save time, I will.  That’s a big benefit of being organized. I have put together a list of things you can do to become a more organized person.

How to Become a More Organized Person

Write things down. It doesn’t matter how good your memory is, things get forgotten and overlooked. Make a list what you want to get done today, this week, this month.  Make a list of things you need someone to do for you.  Write down you kids’ favorite colors, or that funny thing they said at dinner that you don’t want to forget.  Write down the name of the nail salon where your sister-in-law gets her nails done.  Keep a small notebook, or even a planner just for these bits of information that may not seem important in the moment, but you will need it at a later time. 

Set Priorities.  Along with making lists, it’s important to set priorities.  Know what absolutely must be done today, what would be nice to get done today and what could wait until tomorrow.  I had several loads of laundry to get done today.  My jeans were the priority, because none of the jeans that fit were clean. My hoodies could wait until tomorrow because I have far too many* of them.  Getting dinner in the crock pot was a priority, making my bed was not. 

Organize Closets efficiently While we are on the topic of laundry, let’s talk about organizing your closet.  Hang like with like.  Either by type or color.  How much time is wasted every morning looking for your favorite blouse (or hoodie in my case)?  If you hang all your blouses together, then you only have to search through a small section of your closet.  Same if you hang all your blue clothes together, then red, or yellow.  However you want to sort your clothes, when you are looking for something specific, you have a limited section where it should be. 

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.  I can not tell you how much I love this.  I live by this motto.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.  When we moved and we were unpacking I had one hard fast rule: Nothing goes anywhere just for now.  I would open a box and make a place for everything in that box.  If I could not make a place, then I didn’t need it and it got repacked and taken to the basement.  The idea is that if I don’t unpack that box within the year of living here, I will donate the contents.  Everything has it’s place in our house.  And when we are done with whatever it is, it goes back in it’s place. 

When you’re done, put it away.  I understand there are some reasons why things can not be put away as soon as you’re done with it.  But for the most part, when you’re done, put it up.  Following that simple piece of advice will eliminate the majority of the clutter in any room.  Just putting things away when you’re done keeps a room neat and tidy and you know where to find it the next time you want it.

Stick with what works.  Zoe has some majorly curly hair.  And I have mostly not curly at all hair.  We both have struggled with finding the right products with work with our respective hair.  You can bet when we struck upon a working combination of shampoo, conditioner and styling products we stopped looking.  There is zero reason (and let’s be honest, even less room in the shower) to have four, five, six bottle of shampoo or conditioner in the shower.  When you find a pair of jeans that fit, and are comfortable.  You buy several pairs, right?  Because you stick with what works.  There’s a reason for that.  It saves time. there’s no guess-work, it works.  Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

Keep surfaces clutter free.  I don’t know about your house, but I know that if I am not super vigilant about this, every flat surface in my house will become a catch-all.  Sam has a really bad habit of coming home and dumping everything on my kitchen table.  That’s ok as long as he’s hanging up his coat. But if he walks away I make him go back and deal with everything.  I make sure that things are put away or thrown away so that clutter does not accumulate.  And we all know how quickly clutter accumulates. 

Create email folders  I have to be honest, I haven’t done this nearly enough, but that’s going to change this year.  Create folders and sort your emails. I have folders for recipe emails, and auto insurance emails. If you subscribe to a blogger’s email newsletter, or e-course make a folder for them.  If you use Gmail as your provider, you can set up filters that will sort those emails when they come in, and you can deal with them when you have time.  It comes back to setting priorities.  Those emails aren’t high on my priority list, so I have them sorted and keep them out of my Inbox.  That way my inbox is for higher priority emails and I check/answer emails twice a day, morning and evening. 

Know what is good enough” Nothing is ever going to be perfect.  No house is ever going to be perfectly organized.  Nobody will have every part of their life organized. But there is a point of good enough.  I don’t mean giving up because you’re tired and saying “that’s good enough for now”. For now should be stricken from your organizing vocabulary.  Good enough should mean, It won’t make Home & Gardens, but it’s good enough for us, it works for us

Each one of these changes really is a small change that make a huge impact on how organized your life, your home, and your family can be.  Don’t expect to make any of these changes over night.  It took me a year (yes a solid year) to convince Sam that socks do not belong in a laundry basket in the living room and can actually go in the person’s bedroom. I’m still working on keeping surfaces clutter free. 

What do you do to become a more organized person? 

*far too many is a relative term, and I am not convinced there is such a thing as too many hoodies.



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