How to Have a Successful No Spend Month

A lot of people do a no Spend January after the holidays.  Any month you want to curb your spending and boost your savings will work.  Here are tips to help you have a successful no spend month.

How to Have a Successful No Spend Month

I have struggled with getting the random spending back under control after the holidays.  I have still been saving money every paycheck, but just the bare minimum.  I know that I can do better than that.  I have been spending money on things I don’t really need, but I think I really really want.  That stops today.  I am declaring February a No Spend Month.  Here are a few things I am doing to ensure I will be more successful this month.

Set Goals   It’s important to be clear about why you are doing a no spend month and exactly what you hope to accomplish this month.  My goal is to cut down on my discretionary spending, and to increase our savings.  So my clear-cut goal is to stop spending money on planner stickers and save more money. 

Define any exceptions beforehand The exceptions we have allowed for is birthday gifts this month.  We have set a limit for the amount we can spend on each gift.  That is our only spending beyond bills, groceries, and gas.  If you don’t feel like you can give up all your splurges for an entire month, then set limits and define exceptions.  Maybe it’s only one latte a day, without the bagel.  I’m not buying any new planner stuff all month. I am allowed to make my own and print them for Free Printable Fridays.  

Avoid temptation  I am a sucker for Michaels coupons and they seem to have a 50% off or 60% off coupon every single week.  Also Victoria’s Secret is always tempting me with free water bottles or coffee mugs.  I’ve decided that for the month of February those emails will temporarily be marked as spam so that I don’t see them.  I will be avoiding some of my planner Facebook groups in order to avoid the temptation I know will be there. 

The whole family has to participate.  Both partners have to commit to the idea of no discretionary spending. Kids that are old enough to understand should be in on it too to avoid the constant asking for money or things. 

This will be the first time we have attempted a No Spend month.  I’ll be checking in during the month to let you know how it’s going and who has survived so far.  


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