Unusual Things to Include in Your Planner

It seems everyone has a new planner.  Maybe that’s because I was gifted one at Christmas.  Maybe it’s because it’s the first of the year.  Turns out, you can track so much more than appointments and birthdays and To Do Lists in your planner.

Unusual Things to Include in Your Planner

When I was Christmas shopping online, I fell down the planner rabbit hole.  I started looking at Erin Condren planners, knowing they were really very popular.  The EC planner just didn’t have what I wanted, at a reasonable price.   Thanks to Amazon, I discovered The Happy Planner.  It was everything I wanted, it was on sale, and the best part was I could add or remove pages or sections making it completely customizable. 

So I ordered one.  I fell instantly in love with it and all the possibilities it promised.   I was so in love with it, I went out and bought a second one.  The first I got, I use for the family, keeping track of schedules, appointments, bills to be paid.  Basically everything I need to keep track of to keep this family on track and organized.   The second one is for my blog.  

But after getting the two planners, and joining a few Facebook planner groups I soon discovered, there is so much more you can use your planner for besides the obvious.

Unusual things to include in your planner.

Fitness tracker  A fitness tracker can be a little as how many glasses of water each day.  It could include, step counts, food diary, weight loss progress.  The best thing about a planner is, there is no hard and fast rules, it’s yours to do how your please. 

The Last Time I  When was the last time I vacuumed the living room, when was the last time I bought toilet paper. Yes, this is a huge debate in our house. I believe 12 rolls of toilet paper should last 6 weeks at least. Sam disagrees. The last time I mopped the floor, the last time I called my mom.  Whatever it is you want to do on a regular basis can be tracked on a The Last Time I page, or sidebar. 

Gratitude  Take a minute every day and write down something you are thankful for.  Gratitude has surprising health benefits, and it’s nice to end each day on a positive note, even if you are thankful the day is over and nobody died. 

Mind maps and Brain Dumps  The mind mapping comes in handy in my blog planner.  The brain dumps are, well, exactly what they sound like.  Some people call them stream of consciousness writing.  Either way, it clears my head so I can focus better on what’s at hand. 

Wish Lists   I always have a running wish list. Whether it’s a wish list of things other people can buy me for special occasions, or if it’s a wish list of things I want to buy for the house (like a new dinning room set) (and a Keurig). One wish list is just things I want Sam to do around the house for me.

Addresses When we got Christmas cards this past Christmas I saved everyone’s address and recorded them in my planner.  Sure it would be easy to save them in Google Contacts, or Outlook.  But my laptop isn’t always as easily accessible as my planner.  With The Happy Planner, I can take the address sheets out of this year’s planner and add them to next year’s.    

I am sure the more I use my Happy Planner, the more I’ll find to keep track in it.   The above are perfect examples of printables for planners, so look for them in the future. 

What do you track in your planner that most people would think is unusual? 

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  • These are great ideas! I started doing the gratitude notes last year, I will need to start back up with that.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by! This is the first year I’ve really committed to a planner (and I’ve committed to TWO!) and the gratitude note just resonated with me. At the end of the year, I can look back at all the amazing things I was thankful this year. Not a bad way to look back.

  • I love having a planner – I use one to keep track of everything in my life. Someone else looking at it might think it was chaos, but it all makes sense to me 🙂

    • This is my first year to really commit to a planner, so I am sure the more I use it the more I ways I will find to use it. That’s the best part of planners, you can use it however you want to. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m starting my first year using a planner and this is so helpful!

  • These are great ideas! I have really been stepping up my planner game and will be including some of these in mine.

    • YAY!!!! Thank you so much!!! As I said, I am just getting started with a planner, so I’m sure I’ll be adding these and many more things!!

  • amy

    Even though phones have calenders, I still like having actual paper planners to plan for life. You gave me some other ideas to put in there, thanks.

    • Hi Amy! I am one of those people who just can’t get used to using the calendar on my phone. I am glad you got some ideas for your planner today!!

  • I love the idea of including a “brain dump” – sometimes you just need to get a bunch of stuff off your mind!

  • I haven’t taken the leap to using a planner yet, and this year, I’ll be setting weekly goals directly on my website. But a fitness tracker, I could definitely use.

    • I know that The Happy Planner has a Fitness Mini. I haven’t looked at it closely to know the details, but I do know it’s very popular right now. I wish you luck with your goals this year, however you track them.

  • I started doing the gratitude lists in my bullet journal and it has become a favorite part of my day!

    • I like the idea of finding something positive to be thankful for every day. It changes my mind set. And at the end of the year I’ll have a entire year of things I was thankful for.

  • I just bought a planner. I am now staring at it wondering what will make it come alive. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • You’re welcome! I figure it’s going to take me a few weeks if not months to find my groove and style that works best for me. The good thing is, we can’t do it wrong!

  • Love this list. I want to try the mind map in my current planner 🙂

    • Mind mapping helps some people be super productive. I imagine you can go back to the mind map and get plenty of ideas. Your planner seems like the perfect place to keep it!

  • See, I can’t keep my brain dumps in my planner. it makes it feel a little too crowded for my taste (odd, I know). I tend to have a ton of different notebooks going at once for stuff like that!

    • Some of my brain dumps are meaningless babble and bitching and not worth anything to anyone but me. I too have dozens of notebooks with different brain dumps in them.

  • Great ideas! I love love love planners and just haven’t found the exact one that meets all my needs yet.

    • This is my first year I’ve really committed to a planner so I’m still learning and figuring out what works, what doesn’t.
      I really like the Happy Planner, because you can add pages or take out pages, whatever you want or need.

  • I keep a list for music; sometimes I hear a song and want to download it, but I know I will forget it before I get back to my computer, so I’ve started logging the artist and title. Same thing for movies and books….

    I do like the idea of a running wishlist and the Last Time I… lists, as I lose track of things like cleaning makeup brushes, etc.

  • I love these ideas. I keep all my past planners, and once in a while I love to flip through them, just to walk through the past seasons of our life, and the details that got us to where we are. I keep an ongoing shopping list in my planner. And which meals we are eating on what days–even though they often get crossed off and changed 😉 I like seeing how much I’ve cooked in a week, etc. Thanks for the ideas!

    • Isn’t it funny how we use our planners to look back as much as we look forward. I fully expect my planner, by the end of the year, to be a scrapbook of sorts of our year.

  • I add inspirational quotes to my planner – and then I transfer them year to year! I still use a paper planner 😉

  • homewithmimiblog

    With all our tech devices, it seems that many people continue to prefer the pen-to-paper act of journaling and tracking. Thanks for some good ideas beyond the typical to-do lists.

    • I think, there is just something about seeing your life planned out or remembered in your own handwriting. It’s more personal. I know that at the end of the year, I’ll keep my planner so I can look back at my 2017.

  • Happy to have found you through this morning’s SITS Girls Twitter chat. I’ve added in gratitude and fitness into my planner this year, but I LOVE your idea of “the last time I” notes. I never can seem to remember when it’s time to buy a new toothbrush. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Gosh I just love Saturday mornings with The SITS Girls!
      Yes! Changing toothbrushes is another great idea to track. Someone earlier suggested washing makeup brushes. There is just so many things you can keep track of with “The Last Time I” list. Hmm I’m thinking maybe a printable needs to be made!
      Thanks for stopping by!!