DIY Autumn Leaves Lighted Basket

How it is that next week, we will be in the second half of September?  Summer is behind us, and I’m just waiting for the leaves to start to turn.  Since I’m impatient, I made a couple of Autumn Lighted baskets this weekend for my living room.

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Autumn Leaves Lighted Basket

My mother, and her mother were both super creative.  They would knit, or crochet.  My mother has made me quilts, and embroidered towels.  They both have always has plentiful gardens and gorgeous flowerbeds.  And all of that escaped me.  My grandmother has passed, and my mom lives two hours away, so I can’t just call them up and have them come decorate my house for me.   That means I had better try to figure this out on my own.

Now that we are seriously almost half way through September, (how is that possible??) it’s time to start thinking about Autumn decorations.  I am one of those girls, that gets super excited at the first hint of autumn.  As soon as we have a couple of sweatshirt weather mornings, I’ve got my pumpkin candles burning all day.  We actually have had a complete week of cool mornings and it’s been glorious.  And yes my pumpkin candles have been burning.  My house smells so good!

Autumn Leaves Lighted Basket

My mom used to decorate her house for all the holidays.  There were yard flags, and knick-knacks set out, so I apparently get my urge to decorate from her, even if I don’t get the talent.  But I am determined to make some of our decorations, before throwing in the towel and buying them.  One of the benefits of making my own decorations is I can attempt to make them cheaper than I can buy them.  I’m all about that saving money life.

So I sat down and tried my hand at making some autumn leaves lighted baskets.   I had two large baskets that I had used when I married my daughters’ father, and they are too pretty to be buried in our basement.  Turns out they are PERFECT for these beautiful lighted baskets.  It took some trial and error, putting together, taking apart, and rearranging over and over until I liked the look.  Today I am happy with the results.

Autumn Leaves Lighted Basket

Autumn Leaves Lighted Baskets

The best part of making this lighted baskets is there is no wrong way to put them together.  You decide what to put in your basket.  In December I will take the autumn leaves out and replace them with Christmas garland.

You will need:

Guys, putting this together couldn’t be easier!  Gather your basket, your lights, garland, and pinecones, and just layer them in the basket until you’re happy with the look.ff

As I said, I used baskets that I’ve had for years.  Since Chris has passed, these baskets mean a little more to me.  You can buy a similar basket here.  Because my baskets were really deep, I put an old sheet in the bottom to fill some of the space and make the basket look fuller.

I also used two strings of holiday lights that go on our Christmas tree.  So, when December gets here, I’ll have to buy new lights to put on the tree.  To avoid any cords running from the basket to an outlet you can use battery operated lights. 

When I was putting the autumn garland in my basket,  I cut it into 5 or 6 inch pieces to make it easier to layer with the lights and pine cones.  The smaller pieces were easier to manipulate.

I also used cinnamon scented pinecones, so that the lights would warm the pine cones and my baskets would give of a cinnamon aroma that mingles with my pumpkin candles and makes my house smell like a crisp October day.  If you don’t want the cinnamon scent, regular pinecones will work just as well, and the basket will be just as pretty. 

The lights are layered in the basket with the garland and the pinecones so they don’t give off a whole lot of light.  We leave them on all night, and they work wonderfully as a night-light. Especially since Sam has to get up at 5:00 every morning. 

This Autumn Leaves Lighted Basket makes my home look and smell like a crisp autumn day and just makes me happy when I walk past it.  I even sent a picture of it to my mom, who agreed, maybe I did inherit a smidgen of her creative talent.

Just don’t ask me to crochet anything.







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  1. Julie- Logger's Wife

    September 12, 2017 at 12:19 PM

    So cute and easy! Now to keep the kids and cats out of it. 😉

    1. Becky

      September 12, 2017 at 12:29 PM

      Right! I was just thinking today about getting a cat… I might have to rethink that. LOL

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