Free Printable Friday: Thanksgiving Planner

I have found having things written down helps make sure Thanksgiving isn’t a complete disaster.  This Thanksgiving planner is the perfect way to keep your Thanksgiving week on track.

Free Printable Friday Thanksgiving Planner. A cute four page planner to help you stay fabulously organized for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a month from Monday.  I am already scanning the grocery ads every week looking for sale prices on the food I’m going to need for that day.  But it seems that no matter how early I start thinking about Thanksgiving, I feel like I’m scrambling to get things done the week of the big day.

On Thanksgiving Day it is usually just Sam, Zoe and me but that doesn’t mean I don’t go all out for the big day.  I still worry about cleaning the house, and getting the decorations out along with shopping for and cooking the food.  Having a great Thanksgiving Day sets the tone for my holiday season, so it’s kind of important that I get it right.

The Thanksgiving Planner

The Thanksgiving Planner is just four pages, but you can print them as often as you need.  So what’s in the Thanksgiving planner?

The Shopping List.  This is one of the most important pages of the planner.  On this page you can write out everything you need to buy for your Thanksgiving Day.  It isn’t limited to only food, you can include decorations, paper goods, whatever you are going to need to have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day.  You can even use this page to write the list of things you want to stock up on during the holiday sale cycle.

The Daily To Do List I have included a page for daily to do lists for the four days leading up to Thanksgiving.  I start preparing for Thanksgiving the Sunday before.  I start getting our decorations out.  I get the turkey out of the freezer to start thawing.  I clean the house, scrubbing bathrooms.  I’ll start cooking some of the food on Wednesday afternoon or evening.  All of these things can be written on the Daily To Do List sheet.

Thanksgiving Day Schedule  The one trick I learned last year, that guarantees the food will all be ready to eat at the same time, is backwards planning.  On this page it’s super easy to do.  Decide when dinner should be ready and mark that on the schedule.  Then count backwards from there however long the turkey should bake, and note when to put the turkey in the oven.  When to start the vegetables, or the rolls.  When you can safely open the bottle of wine.  This system worked so well for me last year, this was the first page I put together for the planner.

Thanksgiving Menu  Fill out the menu so that you don’t forget anything on the big day.  You can note on here if someone is bringing that dish, if you will be hosting.  This is also a great way to make sure you have enough food but not too much food for everyone.

I sat down yesterday and started to fill in the shopping list on my planner.  I have had our Thanksgiving menu running around in the back of mind for a week now and writing it down helped me to not worry about it so I could focus on other things.  Even knowing I still have three or four weeks before I actually do the shopping, I know that the list has already been started.

Just a note about printing this planner: These pages will print on a full 8.5×11 piece of paper.  To resize them to fit your planner, change your Custom Scale setting to 84%.  They will be centered on the page, so you will need to trim the edges down.

Even though I just jotted a few things down on the shopping list, mainly to get them out of my mind, I feel like I’m ahead of the game and on top of things.  The goal here is to make sure I am well prepared and organized on Thanksgiving Day, so all I have to do is cook and enjoy my family.

Grab your free Thanksgiving Planner below.












Yes! I want the Thanksgiving Planner!

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