Free Printable Friday Week 1

One of the fun things about having a planner is getting to decorate it every week or month.  It wasn’t long after I got my first Happy Planner that I taught myself how to make my own sticker sheets for my planner.  Today I’m sharing a few stickers I’ve been using in my planners this month.  (Yes, all 6 days of it). 

Free Printable Friday

If you search Facebook you can find Happy Planner groups that are all about the stickers and spreads and the hauls they can get from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Search Pinterest and you can find free printable sticker kits to decorate a week or a month using a single theme.  Search Etsy for hundreds of different shops that sell every possible sticker under the sun to track or remind you of anything under the sun. 

I am not one for decorating every single square of my weekly spread.  At least not yet.  I like the less is more approach to decorating, especially until I figure out exactly how I am going to use my planners.  But the one thing I can use every week is a fun, or pretty quote. 

Practice for me, means freebies for you

Since I am just learning how to make stickers, I will be giving them away as a FREE download every Friday.   It’s a good excuse for me to practice, and you all get free stickers. 

And by stickers, please know this is only a PDF file, so they will have to be cut apart. I print mine on plain paper, cut them with scissors, and glue them in my planner with a glue stick.  I do print them at the UPS Store, because the paper is better quality and they charge less than my public library.  These can just as easily be printed on a full sheet of sticker paper, cut apart, and used as stickers. 

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a sticker sheet for the Happy Planner. If there is something you would like to see, leave me a comment and I’ll try and make it for you. 

To download the PDF file, click on the image below.

Free Printable Friday

Click to download PDF 



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