Helpful Lists To Make In the Coming Year

Lists are a great way to stay organized and overcome overwhelm.  They are also a great addition to your planner in the coming year.  Here is a list of lists you can make to keep you organized in the coming year.

People instinctively make lists. They organize information, and are easily readable. Here are several helpful lists you can make in the coming year.

I have been a list maker most of my life.  I remember in junior high, every day at the bottom of my diary entry I would make a list of my three best friends, or which boys I thought were cute.  I have dozens of notebooks upstairs that I have used as journals through the years.  Thumb through any of them, and you will come across lists of things I need to do on my day off, movies the kids want to see, what bills will be paid out of each paycheck.

Lists are a great way to overcome overwhelm.  At any given time, I have any number of lists in my head.  Things I need to do this week, blog posts I need to write, printables I need to make.  This month I have had the usual lists, along with all the traditional Christmas lists as well.  I already have lists started for the coming new year.  (Are you even surprised?) I use lists to organize my thoughts, and make plans to reach goals.

Helpful Lists to Make in the Coming Year

Lists to Keep You Organized

These lists are the obvious lists.  The lists most people keep, in some form or another.

Usernames and Passwords.To be honest, I do not like the idea of writing usernames and passwords down on physical pieces of paper.  There are apps and browser extensions that will keep your login information safer than having it written on a piece of paper.  But I know some people do write their login information on a sheet of paper.

To Do Lists. Either daily or weekly to-do lists, we all have them.  There is something so satisfying about crossing things off the to-do list as you complete each item.  My momentum increases as the number of items crossed off increases.

Grocery List. I can not tell you how much I dread making the grocery list every week.  There are few things I don’t like doing, planning meals and making the grocery list is one of them. (Unloading the dishwasher is the other if you were wondering)

Goals. Short term goals and long-term goals can go on this list (Or make two separate lists)  The first step in reaching a goal is writing it down.  Keeping a list of your goals where you can see it every day keeps them fresh in your mind, and keeps you focused on them.

Home Projects.  How many of you have things you want or need to do around the house?  We rent our townhouse so there are very few changes we can make to it.  But I know home improvement projects are a big thing for homeowners.  Keeping a list of the projects you want to do in one central place makes it easy to see what you want to do, what you need to do, and what you can afford to do.

Lists to Keep You Entertained

Books you want to read. I pink puffy heart love to read.  My mother will tell you I would read the cereal box every morning at breakfast just to have something to read.  I’ve been stocking up my Kindle with ebooks I want to read. I do have my favorite authors that I always buy the physical books instead of reading them on my kindle.

Movies you want to see.   We religiously check to see what’s new on Netflix and Prime Video every month (hello Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).  We have a list of movies we want to see and we usually pick either a Friday or Saturday evening to watch a movie or two.  If you’re not watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel you’re missing out.  SO. Good!

Your favorite songs. I love making mixed CDs for road trips.  It’s so much easier to make a CD than it is to search for a radio station in a new city. This is my favorite website to find the top 100 songs for any year going back to 1956.  I don’t always remember if I like a specific song.  Keeping a list would eliminate the guesswork.

Books you have read. I keep a list of books by my favorite authors that I have read.   When we go to the library, I don’t want to check out books I have already read (unless it was a special favorite one) so having the lists of books you have already read eliminates the guesswork.

Podcasts you want to listen to.  I pink puffy heart love me some podcasts.  They are a great way to trick your brain into forgetting you’re on the treadmill.  Some of my favorites include Girls Girls Podcast (seriously, check out Brittany Gibbons and Meredith Soleau).  Cold Coffee with Kristen Hewitt and Tova Leigh. This is a fairly new podcast, and these girls are knocking it out of the park.

Lists for Your Mental Health

Things you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude isn’t just for November and Thanksgiving.  Keep a list of things you are thankful for every single day and watch your mindset change and become more positive.

Things you are good at. For those days when nothing is going your way, and you feel like you can’t do anything right.  Make a list of things you are good at, to remind yourself it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Things that make you happy. Holding my grandson for the first time, when I can make a perfect cheesecake, getting text messages from my friend, helping my best friend plan her wedding.  All of those things make me happy.  I’ll bet you can come up with a list of things that make you happy too.

Things you want to learn.  The internet is a wealth of information, along with some really cute cat videos.  With a little research, you can find online classes, articles, or videos to teach you how to do just about anything.

Favorite inspirational quotes.  I have several notebooks full of inspirational, and motivational quotes that I love.  I also love to collect movie quotes that are touching or meaningful or maybe just funny.

Lists Just for Fun

A Bucket List.  Let your imagination go wild, and make a list of everything you would like to do before you die.  Don’t let silly things like logistics and money stop you from putting it on your list.  Include something as big as traveling to Ireland, or something as improbable as win the multi-million dollar lottery.

Random Acts of Kindness Make a list of random acts of kindness you can do for others without a great deal of effort or cost.

The possible lists that you can create is almost endless.  I’d love to hear what kind of lists you will be making this year.

People instinctively make lists. They organize information, and are easily readable. Here are several helpful lists you can make in the coming year.

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People love to make lists. They help us stay organized, and make plans, dream dreams.  Today I'm sharing some helpful lists I'm making in the coming year.

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