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Things I am Loving {December 2017}

It’s December and everyone is making wish lists and holiday shopping.  Let’s take a look at the things I’m loving in December.

Things I am Loving December 2017. Christmas is just three weeks away. Come see what I am loving this month.

We put our tree up this weekend, and I may have started Christmas shopping, for me. This week I will put out the rest of the holiday decorations.  And start shopping for everyone else.  We just have so much going on this month.  It’s going to be a busy one.

So let’s just jump right into the things I’m loving this month.

Things I Am Loving: December 2017

Disclaimer:  Some of the following links are affiliate links. That means, at no extra cost to you, should you choose to buy something from those links, I could make a little money.  You would be supporting my well-documented pumpkin spice chai tea latte addiction. So, thank you!   You can read all the legal speak here –> Disclosure Policy

AirBake Natural Cookie Sheets

Things I am Loving December 2017. Airbake Natural Cookie Sheet. Hands down the best cookie sheet I've ever used.

We do a whole lot of baking around here in December.  Zoe and I spend one day with Sam’s mom baking cookies, and then we spend another day at home making more cookies.  To say I have used quite a few cookie sheets through the years is an understatement.

This AirBake Natural Cookie sheet is hands down the best cookie sheet I have ever used.  The best part about these new AirBake cookie sheets is they are now dishwasher safe.   AirBake cookie sheets distribute the heat evenly and my cookies come out perfect every time.  When we go to Sam’s mom’s for Cookie Day, I always take my AirBakes and everyone there pink puffy heart loves💗 them.

Erin Condren Lifeplanner™

up to you - LifePlanner™
up to you – LifePlanner™

I ordered my 2018 Erin Condren Up to You Lifeplanner™ this weekend! #squee! I can’t wait for it to get here. I absolutely pink puffy heart love💗 the quote on the cover.  I have big plans for 2018, and I think the Erin Condren Lifeplanner™ is the perfect place to keep track of all of them.  I absolutely will use it for Fabulously Organized in the coming year.

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The Happy Planner

Things I'm loving December 2017. Yet to Come Happy Planner for 2018.

I also bought a “Yet to Come 2018” Happy Planner this weekend. I got my first Happy Planner last year for Christmas.  I pink puffy heart loved 💗 it.  There was no question I’d buy another one for 2018.    Both planners will play a big part here on Fabulously Organized in 2018

DnD Gel Polish in Havana Cream

Things I am Loving December 2017. DnD Gel Polish Havana Cream

You guys, this polish.  This is my new favorite neutral.  It’s Dnd Gel Polish in Havana Cream. It is the perfect neutral for any skin tone.   It’s a classic neutral and I am in love!  I told Sam, this will be my forever go to nail polish.

I mean, look at this color.

Giant fluffy pink puffy heart love!! 💗

Harry Potter is Moving to HBO

Starting January 2018, Freeform will no longer have exclusive rights to the eight Harry Potter movies.  There will no longer be Harry Potter weekends on Freeform.  Hogwarts is moving to HBO.   This is a HUGE deal in our house because we are all Harry Potter fans.  Now, we will be able to watch the commercial-free versions of all eight movies.  The even better part of this is all eight movies will be available to stream on HBO Go as well.   So we can have our own Harry Potter marathon around Sam’s work schedule.  I may have done a happy dance when I heard this news.

Blog Posts I’m Loving This Month

And as always, I like to include blog posts I’ve read and pink puffy heart loved 💗 in my Things I’m Loving posts.

I have recently discovered and have a huge girl crush on Courtney at A Thoughtful Place.  Her house is gorgeous, as is she.  And she’s got me drooling over sweaters and shoes and my wish list gets longer each time I read a new post by her.  Seriously, she is #housegoals and #wardrobegoals and even #bloggergoals.  Go check out her Tips & Tricks for Trimming the Tree.

Jillee at One Good Thing came up with a list of 15 Surprising Foods You Can Make in Your Waffle Maker.  I have always wanted a waffle maker, but Sam has always said “But we don’t even like waffles” which isn’t necessarily true.  I like waffles… kind of a lot.  But this post, with 15 other foods makes a waffle maker a great investment.  Sort of like an instant pot.  I’m not sure I’ve convinced him yet.

Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles has a great post about Adobe Scan.  It’s a free app that turns your papers into PDFs using your phone.  It is a great way to organize, manage, and eliminate paper clutter.  Did I mention it’s FREE?!  Go check out Melissa’s post about Adobe Scan.  I downloaded the app immediately after reading it.

Your Turn

What are you loving this month???  Share your suggestions in the comments.

Things I am Loving December 2017. Christmas is just three weeks away. Come see what I am loving this month.

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It's December, and I know everyone is busy with holiday preparations.  Today I'm sharing Things I am Loving in December to help me get through this month.

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