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October Goals for Fabulously Organized

Today we are discussing October goals for Fabulously Organized.

October Goals

Can you believe that September is over already?  Seriously we blinked and it’s October.  This is the start of the fourth quarter of the year.  In my mind, October 1st is the gateway to the Holiday season.  It’s time to get serious about Halloween, and begin planning for Thanksgiving, and start thinking about Christmas.  Sarah, at ND Consulting has a great post about Fourth Quarter Blogging.  And I’m going to be honest, I already feel like I’m significantly behind the curve.

That’s all a post for another day.

Let’s look back at my goals for September and see how I did.

Twitter:  I wanted to gain 40 followers.  I only gained 10.

Facebook:  Increase engagement.  That didn’t happen.

Instagram:  Get it back to strictly Fabulously Organized account.  I did that. In fact, I now have a personal account, a Reformed Hot Mess account, along with my  Fabulously Organized account.  At least Instagram is compartmentalized.

The Blog:  Truthfully I got less than 5 posts written this month. I am currently trying to get posts written for Halloween, and have started working on some amazing stuff for Thanksgiving.

Email Newsletter:  I wanted to start a subscriber email list.  That, unfortunately did not happen. But the holidays are a great time to build an email list.

The Gym:  I wanted to work out more, and I really wish I could have made that happen.  I’m adding it to my list for October and committing to going more often.

The House  My bedroom is still a major disaster because I am still trying to transition from summer to fall/winter and the weather is not cooperating.

Kitchen:  I wanted to cook more meals. I accomplished this!  I used my crock pot a lot and that was a great help.  I spent less actual time in the kitchen, and we ate a larger variety of meals.

October Goals

Let’s discuss what my goals are for Fabulously Organized this month.

I think we can lump Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram together and call it Social Media.  My goal for all three is to increase followers and engagement.  Currently my followers are as follows

  • Twitter: 1070 followers
  • Facebook: 625 followers
  • Instagram: 259 followers

Let’s see if I can increase each platform by 20 this month.

The Blog  Four blog posts in a month is not any way to achieve world domination.  It also won’t provide enough income to buy me a single cup of coffee.  This month I obviously want to produce more content.  But along with that I’d like to have engagement on the posts.  I need to figure out the magic formula for that.

As I mentioned before we are at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year.  There is an abundance of topics to blog about, and numerous ways to incorporate the holidays into any type of blog.  I really want to capitalize on that.

I think this month I will leave the personal goals off the list.  I really do want to focus on my blog and social media as we start down the home stretch to the end of the year.

What goals have you set for yourself this month?

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