Secrets to Being a More Organized Mom

Families these days are faced with more obligations, schedules, school functions and family matters than ever before. The one thing that will keep your family on track, without drama, is organization.  I’m spilling the secrets to being an organized mom.

Ever wonder how *those* moms do it? Those moms who seem to have their stuff together. Today I'm spilling secrets to being a more organized mom.

It has been a joke among my friends that I am *that* mom.  The organized mom who has the planner, and charts, and printouts, and schedules that are all color coordinated.  That would make sense considering I am the author of Fabulously Organized.  The truth is, I don’t have charts, and my printables are in binders.  I would pink puffy heart love it if everything was color coordinated but I also know that takes a lot of time and isn’t a priority.

So how do I stay so organized and on top of things for our family?  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, and today I’m sharing my secrets with you.

Secrets to being The Organized Mom

Ever wonder how *those* moms do it? Those moms who seem to have their stuff together. Today I'm spilling secrets to being a more organized mom.

Create a Family Calendar

Every December I buy a large desk calendar and glue magnet strips on the back so that it will hang on our refrigerator.  We also have a magnetic pen caddy on the refrigerator door.   We note any important dates, school functions, work schedules, and commitments we’ve made on the calendar.  It keeps everything easy to see at a glance and everyone in the family has access to it.

We use the large desk calendar because the squares are big enough to write important information in if necessary.  And it is easy to see without standing right in front of the refrigerator. The family’s daily schedule and important obligations only do me any good in my planner.  Keeping them on one central calendar makes it accessible to everyone.

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Meal Plan

This is one thing that you can do that will save so much time and money.  Honestly, though, it is the one thing I do every week that I hate to do… but I hate buying a bunch of junk and going to the store every day even more.  That’s why I continue to plan our meals every Saturday morning.

Planning your meals solves the what’s for dinner dilemma and it keeps you from running to the store every single day to get something to make for dinner.  It also means on busy evenings I can make sure to plan something that is either quick and easy or can be cooked in the crock pot.

Make a list of 10 meals you know your family likes and start with those.  Plan nights for takeout, if that’s your thing.  We order out every Friday.  I like to say it’s the one night Sam and I both take off from dinner duty, but that’s not true.  We still have the what’s for dinner dilemma, the options are just different.

Create Routines and Schedules

Here at Casa de Impresionante, we eat dinner at the same time every night. Zoe does her homework at the kitchen table and puts her backpack in the coat closet when she’s done.  I get up an hour before Zoe’s alarm goes off so I can enjoy my coffee and check emails in peace. Sam gets up 30 minutes before he has to leave for work so he can drink his coffee in peace  We do our grocery shopping every Saturday afternoon.  The reason for these routines and schedules is simply we know what to expect and when to expect it.

Take Notes

I don’t always have my planner with me. But I almost always have either my cell phone or pen and paper.  (I always have a ridiculous number of pens in my purse)  I am forever writing things down or making notes on my phone.  You can’t be the organized mom without taking notes now and then. When I am home and get a chance I transfer my notes either to my planner or the family calendar.

On my smart phone, I use Google Keep for notes and voice memos.  It’s a free app from Google, and it syncs online so that you can also make notes from a desktop.  The things you can do with Google Keep are really pretty cool and increase my productivity.

Get Your Family to Help

You are not the only one who can fold a load of laundry or cook dinner.  You don’t have to be the only one to do all the cooking and cleaning in the home.  Give your children age-appropriate chores.  Chores teach kids responsibility, and important life skills they will need when they move out (unless you want them to come home every weekend so you can do their laundry).

Delegate some of the things that need to be done around the house.  If they feel like they have a part in helping out and creating routines they are more likely to follow through.

Learn to Say No

This is so important and empowering.  You do not have to attend every event you are invited to.  You do not have to volunteer for every class party or field trip.  You do not have to host 20 kids for every birthday.  There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have to sleep some of them.  I don’t care how much you organized your life you can not organize 25 hours into a day.  Set boundaries and stick to them.  If it does not fit into your schedule, don’t try to take it on. And while you’re learning to say No to some things, go ahead and learn to let go of the guilt.  You do not have to feel guilty for setting boundaries and taking care of you.

Ever wonder how *those* moms do it? Those moms who seem to have their stuff together. Today I'm spilling secrets to being a more organized mom.
Being an organized mom with a family who shows up on time, fully dressed in matching shoes does not require superpowers.  It requires a little planning and cooperation but it can be done.  Keeping your family organized requires discipline but the first day you get everyone out the door on time without tears or lost shoes you will realize it is worth it.

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Ever wonder how *those* moms do it? Those moms who seem to have their stuff together.  Today I'm spilling secrets to being a more organized mom

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